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Is a Steam Oven Right For Your Home?

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If you love to entertain or often host family holidays, a steam oven is worth considering. It can help you prepare more food with less time, and it's also considered a healthier cooking method as it cuts down on fat-heavy frying and nutrient-leaching boiling.

Unlike traditional ovens, which require a protective layer of oil or butter to keep foods from drying out, steam ovens cook with superheated steam that locks in moisture as it heats. As a result, entrees are typically leaner and more flavorful.

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In addition to its healthy benefits, steam also shortens cooking times and helps foods retain their color and texture. Fish and vegetables remain juicy and succulent, while meats maintain their flavor and tenderness without drying out. Even dishes like rice, dumplings and desserts benefit from the extra moisture.

Most steam ovens don't require a major kitchen renovation, as they use either a boiler that is plumbed into your home water line or a tank that you refill. That said, the boiler tanks need to be regularly descaled to prevent odors and mineral deposits.

Aside from a few limitations, steam ovens are an excellent choice for a wide range of dishes. But if you plan to brown your foods (like roasted meats and baked goods), a full steam oven isn't the best option. Instead, you'll need to pre-cook the item in a regular or convection oven, then finish it in your steam oven for crisping and browning.

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