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How to Select a Conveyor Toaster

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Whether you operate a bustling diner or busy cafeteria, a toaster conveyor will let your staff serve large quantities of bagels, bread and other toasty food items quickly. These toasters are designed for high volume use and come in different sizes, options and configurations to accommodate your operation's specific needs.

Toaster conveyors are more versatile than standard pop-up toasters and can be used for a variety of other products like rolls, frozen waffles and English muffins. They also offer higher capacities than a traditional four-slice pop-up toaster and can easily handle high-demand scenarios, such as during a breakfast rush in a restaurant.

The heart of a conveyor toaster is its belt, which transports the bread or bagels through the machine so that they can be toasted. Depending on the model, you can choose between a basic analog conveyor belt that toasts one slice of bread at a time or an electronic, programmable type with top and bottom heat.

Manufacturers use radiant heat to toast products, but some models add convection to speed the process by drawing moisture out of the food. Many conveyor toasters use metal-sheathed cal-rod heating elements, but some also offer quartz versions that heat up faster and can withstand higher temperatures.

In addition to selecting the size and control options of a conveyor toaster, you need to determine what type of product you're planning to prepare. For example, a sandwich maker may need a conveyor toaster that has a wide opening for larger-sized items, such as buns and sandwiches. For bagel production, look for a conveyor toaster with a high inlet and top-heat capability.

To keep a toaster conveyor running smoothly, make sure you clean it regularly to avoid fire hazards from building up. Food debris and grease can ignite into flames or smoke that may cause burns and other injuries. A regular cleaning schedule will also help you spot issues before they turn into serious problems. For example, if the toaster starts smoking or sparking, unplug it immediately and call a professional.

In order to keep a conveyor toaster in good working condition, you need to be careful when operating it. Make sure that it's always switched off and unplugged when not in use, and don't place flammable materials like paper towels or dishcloths around the device. Additionally, you should keep the area surrounding a conveyor toaster clear so that it isn't exposed to heat sources that can cause fires or burns.

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Commercial Conveyor Toaster

A commercial conveyor toaster is a great solution for restaurants that toast large quantities of bread, bagels, and buns in a short period of time. They are perfect for breakfast-centered diners, hotel restaurants that serve buffets, and other operations where toast is a mainstay on the menu. Unlike standard toaster ovens and traditional toasters, these units have a conveyor belt that moves the bread in front of or between heating elements at a set rate, freeing your staff from the process of manually inserting each slice of toast as it’s ordered.

Depending on your business needs, you can find models on our website that can toast up to 2,800 slices of bread or bagel per hour. They come with a range of features that work together to greatly improve the speed, quality, and consistency of toasting. For example, many units have a mode switch that adjusts the heating temperatures for each type of bread. The heat control settings also allow you to vary the toasting time for lighter or darker results. Some units also have the ability to toast both sides of a bagel or English muffin, which is ideal for texas toast or club sandwiches.

Some models have a hopper that holds the bread or other items while they finish toasting, and a warming tray that keeps your food warm before serving. Lastly, most units have a specific product opening size that accommodates your desired item sizes. Some toasters use a 1 1/2-inch inlet to toast bread and English muffins, while others with higher production capacities have a 3-inch inlet for buns or bagel halves. They also have a pull-out tray to make cleanup quick and easy.

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