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Purchasing a Toaster Conveyor

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When purchasing a toaster conveyor you'll want to consider the volume of toast you're looking to produce on a daily basis. If you're a high-volume restaurant with a busy breakfast buffet a conveyor toaster might be the right choice for your operation. However, if you're a smaller hotel chain that offers guests the option of making their own toast in the morning and you aren't producing large quantities of toast then a pop-up slotted toaster might be a better choice.

The type of bread you're toasting will also play a role in which toaster to choose, as will your budget. Conveyor toasters tend to be more expensive than slot machines due to their complex moving parts and larger production capacities.

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Another consideration is the conveyor belt width and product opening, which will influence how many slices can fit on a single belt side-by-side and contribute to the machine's overall slice output per hour. Some toasters also have a setting that allows you to adjust the temperature of the top and bottom element separately, which can be helpful when producing different types of products. Make sure to review a machine's electrical requirements as well; lower-production models can often use a standard 120V connection while higher-capacity units may require a heavier-duty connection like 208 / 240V.

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